Association A BOOK FOR EVER

Association A BOOK FOR EVER

The Association

The association A BOOK FOR EVER is a non-profit association, which aims to spread the book HERCOLUBUS OR PLANETA ROJO throughout the country and the planet, making it reach all people without distinction of sex, race, religion or social conditions. Its scope of work is international. It carries out the diffusion of the book, always according to the guidelines left by the author and adapting it to the needs of the moment, taking into account the global situation of the planet.

For its purposes, it carries out various publicity initiatives such as leaflets, triptychs, placards, posters, radio and television programs, lectures and presentations … It also gives the book directly to citizens. Following the guidelines of the author, the associattion does not send the book in digital format, but does leave the contact in all the publicity that it makes, for its request and then send the book by postal mail, to anywhere in the world. Nor does it serve promotional videos either on its website or in any public act that it performs by express intention of the author.

The association is independent with respect to other associations that carry out the same task, and it is not subject to any institution, public or private. It self-finances with the voluntary contributions of its partners. In the countries where it carries out its activities, it is subject to the laws and regulations that govern associations and regulate the means to achieve its objectives.


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