The Author

From the author V.M. Rabolú (1926-2000), we can tell you that he was a humble farmer in his native Colombia,a simple person, without studies, but with a great concern for the search of the eternal truths that always accompany the human being in his existence.

He sought and found the answers in the KEYS OF AWAKENING OF AWARENESS. He did not settle for mere words, for his innate rebellion made him realize for himself the great realities of the Cosmos, and so from pure experience he put into practice the keys to Awakening, Dying, Alchemical Birth and Sacrifice by the Humanity.

In this way he reached a very high degree of consciousness, Gnosis, the pure and superior knowledge of all things. He consecrated his whole life to teach humanity the path we must all follow in order to acquire the inner knowledge that leads us to self-realization.

In the last years of his existence, seeing that he had to leave his physical vehicle, he decides to write the book HERCOLUBUS OR RED PLANET, because of the need to warn humanity of the impasse to which it is directed, revealing its immediate future.

He left us on January 7, 2000. Although physically V.M. Rabolú is not among us, he is internally, and we reach him with the keys that he gives us in the book.


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